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Meaning: exalted; strength

This is the name of an animal and three biblical men.

  1. A ram is a male sheep. The first mention of a ram in the Bible is found in Genesis 15:9. Later, God miraculously supplied a ram to Abraham to offer in place of Isaac (Genesis 22:13). Rams are also mentioned in numerous other verses of the Old Testament, including: Exodus 29:15-20, 22, 26-27, 31-32; Leviticus 5:15-18; Daniel 8:3-7, etc.

    Also see: SHEEP

  2. The son of Hezron, and one of the ancestors of the royal line of King David and Jesus Christ (Ruth 4:19). The marginal notes for 1 Chronicles 2:9, Matthew 1:3,4 and Luke 3:33 call him “Aram.”

  3. the eldest son of Jerahmeel, who was descended from Judah (1 Chronicles 2:25,27)

  4. A person mentioned in Job 32:2 as founder of a clan to which Elihu belonged. He argued with Job, and is the same person as Aram (A-ram) of Genesis 22:21.

Author: Paul S. Taylor.