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Meaning: happy

Asher was Jacob’s eighth son; his mother was Zilpah, Leah’s handmaid (Genesis 30:13).

Of the tribe founded by him, nothing is recorded beyond its holding a place in the list of the tribes (35:26; 46:17; Exodus 1:4, etc.).

It increased in numbers twenty-nine percent, during the thirty-eight years' wanderings. The place of this tribe during the march through the desert was between Dan and Naphtali (Numbers 2:27).

The boundaries of the inheritance given to it, which contained some of the richest soil in Canaan, and the names of its towns, are recorded in Joshua 19:24-31; Judges 1:31-32. Asher and Simeon were the only tribes west of the Jordan which furnished no hero or judge for the nation.

Anna the prophetess was of this tribe (Luke 2:36).