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Notable Steve McQueen movies
Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair
  • Bullitt
  • The Great Escape
  • The Magnificent Seven
  • Papillon
  • The Thomas Crown Affair
  • The Getaway
  • The Cincinnati Kid
  • Love with the Proper Stranger
  • Junior Bonner
  • The Sand Pebbles—Academy Award nominee for Best Actor in a Leading Role
  • The Blob

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Steve McQueen Steve McQueen in The Magnificent Seven Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen was once the world’s most in-demand and highest paid actor—and millons of fans considered him the stylish macho “King of Cool.”

He died at age 50 (November 7, 1980), shortly after passing on a role in “The Towering Inferno 2.” The cause of death was a heart attack caused by post-operative pulmonary embolism. It occured the day after tumor removal surgery due to advanced malignant mesothelioma, caused by long-term asbestos exposure—in film studios, ships, motorcyles (exhaust system, brakes, gaskets), and fire retardent racing suits.

Steve was born in Beech Grove, Indiana. His alcoholic mother married and divorced several times. 2 of his step fathers beat him, one “to such an extent that at age 9, he left home to live on the streets” and joined a gang. In his older teen years he drifted from job to job—Merchant Marine, brothel employee, a roughneck, a carnival barker and a lumberjack—eventually joining the United States Marine Corps, after which he took some acting classes, discovered his gift, and became an extremely popular actor—#1 in the world. He normally performed his own stunts and frequently raced cars and motorcyles, and owned and flew aircraft.

He was once asked, “Do you believe in God?” He replied, “I believe in ME.” He said you only go around once in life, and I’m going to grab a handful of it. Totally self-absorbed and arrogant, he grabbed fame, fortune, and cool cars. There was relentless womanizing, and 2 beautiful actresses married and divorced. He severely abused drugs, alcohol and tobacco. How did it happen that he died with a Bible in his hand?

He reached the very pinnacle of stardom, could have any role he wanted, and got sick of it all and disconnected from Hollywood. To avoid recognition, Steve grew a beard, longer hair and dressed like a “long-distance trucker.” He began traveling America with his 3rd wife in a pickup doing what he really wanted—making friends with “ordinary people.”

Steve McQueen

The most important thing he did in his life was to finally sincerely listen to God’s conviction, when a Believer shared the Gospel with Him and extended an invitation to visit his church. Steve came to understand the truth of the Bible, and repented of his sins against God and man—and became reborn.

His Faith: Jesus Christ. Before his cancer diagnosis, Steve became an evangelical, born-again Christian and attended Ventura Missionary Church. “He wanted to tell people” about what Jesus had done for him. If you are going to Heaven, when you die, you’ll meet Steve McQueen there—and share together THE BOUNDLESS, UNENDING JOY of our Savior in paradise.

He isn’t in Heaven because he deserved to be—quite the contrary. Having clearly broken God’s laws, he was judged and condemned. Like all of us sinners, he was facing God’s punishment. Steve received God’s forgiveness by first admitting his soul’s true condition and sincerely repenting, realizing that he was truly lost and doomed without Jesus Christ—the only way to God. He asked for His mercy and grace, and it was freely given.

This was made possible because of what Christ did. The sinless, Son of God HUMBLED Himself and took the judgment on Himself when allowed Himself to be crucified for sins that He did not commit. The Father was able to wipe out what the law says that Steve (and we all) owe. He took those charges against Steve away and nailed them to the cross.

Do you know FOR CERTAIN that if you die today, you are headed for eternal life with God?

Steve McQueenIf not, the ONE MOST IMPORTANT THING Steve McQueen would tell you right now isdon’t be the fool that I was and wait so long to accept what only Jesus can give you. There’s no other way—no religion, no moral code, no doing more good than bad will ever get you there—only Christ alone. Do it NOW, before it’s too late.

A theatrical documentary has finally been produced, not just about Steve’s famous life, but about his true sinful nature and his CONVERSION. Watch this 2 minute trailer

In Memory of Steve McQueen, the “King of Cool” who was humbled and repented and is now eternally alive with Christ, the King of the Universe and so much more
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