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also known as: Pergamos

the chief city of Mysia, in Asia Minor

One of the “seven churches” was planted here (Rev. 1:11; 2:17).

It was noted for its wickedness, insomuch that our Lord says “Satan's seat” was there. The church of Pergamos was rebuked for swerving from the truth and embracing the doctrines of Balaam and the Nicolaitanes. Antipas, Christ's “faithful martyr,” here sealed his testimony with his blood.

This city stood on the banks of the river Caicus, about 20 miles from the sea. It is now called Bergama .

Parchment was first made here, and was called by the Greeks pergamene, from the name of the city.

Author: Matthew G. Easton, with minor editing by Paul S. Taylor.

See the Christian archaeological video which describes this city and the cultural context surrounding the early Church: On the Early Church (“Where Satan Lives,” part of the Faith Lessons video series). “At this regional seat of Rome, the governor had ‘the power of the sword’ to determine life and death. John reminded Christians of this powerful, pagan city that Jesus alone-not the Roman governor-hold all power, including power of life and death.”

Article Version: October 3, 2017