Questions of Discernment
dealing with today’s entertainment media

“The values of both children and their parents are shaped by the cultural air they breathe. The poet Percy Bysshe Shelley said that poets are the true legislators of the world, and the same today could be said of rock stars, TV producers, filmmakers, and journalists, all of whom have more influence on people’s lives and people’s thoughts than an army of politicians” —Gene Edward Veith, World magazine


HOLLYWOOD AND GOD,” 9 minute video about profanity and R-rated content—produced by Christian Answers Team Member Ray Comfort (Living Waters)


Every time you buy a movie ticket or rent a video you are casting a vote telling Hollywood “That’s what I want.” Why does Hollywood continue to promote immoral programming? Are YOU part of the problem?

Hollywood and God—a survey conducted among the top TV writers and executives discovers how many believe adultery and other sins are morally wrong… Learn more

Why is there a disconnect between Hollywood and the rest of America?

What is being done to change the values of Hollywood?
Do you feel like the only thing you can do for Hollywood is condemn it? Thankfully, not all Christians feel this way. Find out what others are doing, and what you can do, to help change the values of the values-changers!

VIOLENCE—How does viewing violence on TV or movies affect the family?
How violent is your living room? Violence continues to escalate to staggering amounts in society today. Be sure you are reinforcing the right kind of messages in your home. What your children see on TV impacts how they look at the world.

Entertainment Media—does it lead or follow society?
Over 6 hours a day are spent by the average American family either watching movies, television or videos. This has to affect the average American somehow. So who’s leading who?

TV viewing—Should I be concerned about our family’s viewing habits?
By the age of 6, the average American child will have spent more time watching television than he will spend speaking to his parents in an entire lifetime! Are you wasting opportunities to teach your children proper values—and to choose the good and reject the bad in their entertainment choices? The typical heads of families are not managing the “25-inch sewer pipe” into their home.

How much TV is too much TV?
Many adults feel that TV won’t have a negative impact on their children, or on themselves. But what are the facts about today’s TV generation?

WISE MOVIE CHOICES—What Christian resources are available to help me choose good movies? Answer
Ignorance is no longer an excuse! Learn where you can turn for honest, accurate information on today’s entertainment. Don’t miss this guide that gives you the ability to be a true leader in your family media entertainment.

Movies for TherapyMovies for Therapy—What films do you suggest?
Films can open up dialogue and be therapeutic—helping people see issues, themselves, or others in a new light. Check out this unique list on numerous topics.

Harry PotterIs Harry Potter Harmless?
Ever since the popularity of JK Rowling’s first book took hold, the debate rages. What is a Christian to think of the Harry Potter worldview and philosophies? What’s wrong with Potter? [ Read our film review ]

PokémonInformation about Pokémon for parents and children

Guest Editorials

Death by Silence—What can we do to make sure this doesn’t happen to Christian film? by Douglas Downs

The Disconnect Between Hollywood and America by “Wheel of Fortune’s” Pat Sajak

Is God making a difference in Hollywood? Should Christians boycott certain studios? How can Christians best make a difference in the movie industry? Read

10 year study shows that moviegoers want more positive movies

Christian Media Ministry develops media-wise family guide

Do we simply want more G-Rated movies?

2001 Oscar® nominations “best in 12 years,” Christian media expert says

“Christian Oscars” Awards Ceremony—1998

The 20 most unbearable movies of 1998

“That was the year that was…” Dr.Ted Baehr ponders what Hollywood brought us at the movies in 1998

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Join us in prayer for influential people in Hollywood and the media!
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