28k Test (Spanish)
This lowest band stream would be seen be relatively few people. This video file would normally go only to people with a very old computer or unusually poor Internet connection.

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The actual quality of the stream may be higher than than what you see. Potential performance variables include:
  1. emf noise on your phone line
  2. memory overload on your computer (this common problem gives the erroneous impression that the Internet connection is slower than it really is-lack of free system memory or free memory in general)
  3. the Real player version you are using (latest is the best), in any case, you should be using at least version 8
  4. transient bandwidth constrictions anywhere between your computer and our server
  5. speed of your computer
  6. quality of video card on your computer
  7. amount of RAM memory on your computer
  8. insufficient harddisk space
  9. etc.