Films for Christ Announces New Policy and Lower Prices

August 20, 1998
For more information, contact: Star Taylor
Films for Christ, 888-88-BIBLE

Gilbert, Arizona—Great news for those wanting to buy (or distribute) the world's most popular videos on creationism. North American buyers will soon receive generous and almost completely unrestricted public showing rights with each video—at no additional charge. As savvy video users know, copyrighted DVDs sold by most secular and Christian companies are restricted to home-use only and cannot be legally shown in public places (including churches, conferences, and the like) without licensing. This will no longer be so with Films for Christ’ videos. As a result of this new policy, churches and Christian schools will reap a considerable savings. Their cost for the award-winning ORIGINS series will drop dramatically from $200 to $99. The popular Genesis Solution video will drop from $39.99 to $19.99. These new prices and policies go into effect as of September 1, 1998.

Effective September 1, 1998, the covers for these videos will say…

Feel free to show this video in study groups, meeting halls, conferences, churches, schools, correctional institutions, and in any public or private place! (No copying or other reproduction, and no broadcast rights without written permission.)

Distributors and other resellers who wish to sell these videos under this new arrangement should contact Star Taylor, Director of Distribution, 800-332-2261. Popular titles available include: ORIGINS: How the World Came to Be (series) / The Genesis Solution / The World That Perished / The Case for Creation / The Great Dinosaur Mystery / Celebrate Creation (video curriculums).

For more information, contact Films for Christ toll-free at 888-88-BIBLE in the continental U.S., or write them at: PO Box 1167, Marysville WA 98270-1167, USA. E-mail. Web site: