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“(Genesis 6:4; Numbers 13:33, Revised King James Version), giants, the Hebrew word left untranslated by the Revisers, the name of one of the Canaanitish tribes

The Revisers have, however, translated the Hebrew gibborim, in Genesis 6:4, ‘mighty men’” (Matthew G. Easton)

Dr. Henry M. Morris suggests: “These ‘giants’ were the monstrous progeny of the demon-possessed men and women whose illicit activities led to God’s warning of imminent judgment. The Hebrew word is nephilim (‘fallen ones’), a term possibly relating to the nature of their spiritual ‘parents,’ the fallen angels. That they were also physical giants is evident from the fact that the same word is later used in connection with the giants in Canaan at the time of Joshua (Numbers 13:33) and by the fact that the word here was translated in the Septuagint by the Greek word gigantes.” (Morris, The Defender's Bible)