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Each form listed here deals with a different issue and generally routes your message to a completely DIFFERENT group or person. Please choose your relevant department carefully, and limit your message to the appropriate topic. Thousands of e-mails pour in each month. It is time-consuming, frustrating and distracting, to deal with large numbers of messages sent to the wrong place. Therefore, we have instructed staff and volunteers to ignore such messages and delete them.

Web Site Technical Department (for reporting typographical errors, bad links, missing material, or any other technical problem on our Web sites)

Volunteers Department (for volunteering to help) - translation / movie reviewers / game reviewers

Trademark Christian Spotlight on Entertainment

Distribution Department (for ORDERS, catalog requests and inquiries/problems/questions related to purchasing or selling videos or books, retail or wholesale / also donation issues)

ChristianAnswers QUESTIONS Database
Future Publications Department - Add a question/topic to our questions database so that it may be considered in writing answers for future ChristianAnswers.Net publications. No personal responses will be sent.

Editorial Department (for reporting possible factual errors or submitting important additional information on a topic answered)

Comments Department (for telling us what you think about ChristianAnswers.Net or our other ministries) (not for questions, technical problems, etc.)

Legal Department (for issues related to rights, links, copyrights, reproduction, publication permissions)


Read this first: Please understand that, although we have tried to accommodate requests, the purpose of ChristianAnswers.Net has never been to answer questions by e-mail or letter. With the millions of people that visit, this would require a huge staff of relevant experts and licensed counselors. Our particular mission is international MASS communications, not one-on-one communications.

We are NOT a counseling ministry or a research service. There are no counselors or medical experts on our staff, nor can we provide referrals. All that we can currently do is possibly put you in contact with an unpaid volunteer who may be able to respond to you by e-mail, if the topic is relevant to his/her area of knowledge and they have time.

Also, please understand that the monthly quantity of e-mail that we receive on these other topics is enormous and impossible for our staff to handle. Rather than simply deleting e-mails, we have pass them on to outside, unpaid volunteers.


  1. BEFORE contacting a busy volunteer, do a careful keyword search of our site to make sure that we have not already provided an answer. Don't be lazy and expect the volunteers to do the search for you.

  2. Students: Don't ask volunteers to do your homework or research projects for you. That's your job.

  3. Be realistic in your expectations. Understand that you may never receive a personal answer. This may be due to various circumstances, including the quantity of mail. If you do receive an answer, it may have to be necessarily brief. Please don't take offense.

  4. Be patient and kind. These are unpaid volunteers with busy lives and often a huge load of e-mail.

  5. NEVER submit the same question to multiple people. This is rude and selfish. You will be considered a spammer and will be blocked from all further submissions.

Forms for contacting a volunteer…
(The following list will vary in length depending on current availability of volunteers and their work load.)

Please choose carefully, and limit your message to the appropriate topic. We are currently only accepting questions on the following topics.

More topics will be added (or restored) as qualified volunteers become available.