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Free Online Film—ARE YOU GOING TO HEAVEN? 30 minutes. Find out if YOU are going to heaven. You CAN know for sure.—Copyrighted © image.
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Are you going to heaven when you die? Are you SURE your Web visitors know the answer to this extremely important question?

Encourage them to watch this clear and excellent Gospel video presentation. A viewer wrote: “That was the BEST video on that topic I’ve ever seen—dealing with the 6 most common answers, as to why people think they are going to heaven. I wish my Dad had seen it.”

“We have used this video in our counseling sessions with young women in crisis and have had a great response. Just this afternoon, a young mother of four prayed to ask Jesus into her heart after watching it. Her comment was that the video answered a lot of her questions and put it all together so she could understand” —Mary Hanson, Asst. Clinic Director of Choose Life/Sav-A-Life of North Alabama.

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