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Cover of The Origin of Life

29 minutes
Age Level:
Teens & Adults

The Origin of Life

Life, in all its complexity, points emphatically to a Creator

How did life begin? Did we evolve by accident from some primordial soup, or was there an intelligent designer? Every man’s answer to that question goes a long way in determining what standard he/she will fashion their earthly existence by. Discover what scientists’ ongoing attempts to produce life in the lab have proven. Could even the simplest cell ever evolve into existence by natural processes?

This award-winning production illustrates the impossibility of Evolution and leaves audiences in awe of the superb design of DNA, the human brain, and all living things! Ends with a stirring evangelistic challenge by its host, Dr. Wilder-Smith, that viewers would seek out and establish a relationship with the designer of life, Jesus Christ. Excellent for Christians and non-Christians alike! this video is part of the award-winning ORIGINS: How the World Came to Be series.

Produced by Films for Christ and EO

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The Origin of LifeThe Origin of Life

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Origins series
ORIGINS: How the World Came to Be

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