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Cover of Power Persuasion Pack

595 total pages

The Handy Dandy Power Persuasion Pack

Confused by the old-earth claims of evolutionists and fellow Christians?

Here is an ideal set of up-to-date books to help Christians confused by the old-earth claims of Progressive Creationism and theistic evolutionism. Each of these fine books focuses on a different part of the creation-date issue and is easily understood by laypeople.

This exciting 3 book pack and 1 video, includes:

  • Starlight and Time: Solving the Puzzle of Distant Starlight in a Young Universe (Book by Dr. Russell Humphreys)
    Physicist Russell Humphreys (Ph.D.) proposes an intriguing new answer to one of the most common questions facing creationists. Upholds biblical inerrancy while offering a new theory to explain the vastness of the universe using modern physics and astronomical data.

  • The Young Earth (Book by Dr. John Morris)
    Geologist John Morris (Ph.D.) presents the latest scientific evidences in support of the Bible. Fossils, dating methods, Mt. St. Helens, the biblical perspective and various new evidences are all investigated.

  • Creation and Time: A Report on the Progressive Creationist Book by Hugh Ross (Book by Mark Van Bebber & Paul S. Taylor)
    Sheds new light on this important subject of the Bible’s true position on Creation. This book reveals the numerous, clear biblical errors made by proponents of this day-age theory of Creation.

  • The Genesis Solution - Video featuring Ken Ham
    This highly popular film clearly explains why Christians must take a stand for the literal accuracy of Genesis. Answers the question, “What difference does it make whether I believe in literal Creation or some form of Evolution?”

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Power Persuasion PackPower Persuasion Pack
(3-book set, plus 1 video)
(Normally almost $50)


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