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90 minutes
Age Level:
Middle School to Adult
Closed Captioned


featuring Richard Nester & Leigh Lewis

The prophecies are being fulfilled… the final countdown has begun.

*Award Winning* … Shot on location on six continents, bursting with action and emotion.

Two broadcast journalists as they report on an impending war in Israel. Their coverage changes from the political to the supernatural when millions around the world suddenly vanish. In search of a connection, the two learn that the unfolding events are fulfilling biblical prophecy.

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Countdown to Eternity


Army after army descends into the Valley of Armageddon in Central Israel. Millions of people suddenly vanish. It’s a media event unlike any in history, and the entire world is glued to their television sets. At that very moment, a great charismatic leader arises and performs a miracle of astounding dimensions. Is he the long-awaited Messiah? The whole world is convinced he is.

Only Bronson Pearl (Richard Nester) and Helen Hannah (Leigh Lewis), co-anchors of the World News Network are in a position to uncover the truth. But as Helen discovers the identity of this great leader, she is torn between her deep love for Bronson and her new-found understanding about Christ and the antichrist. With global police forces in hot pursuit there is but one chance to warn the world as it rushes headlong into the Apocalypse!

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